Spotlight on: Lucinda Loya

Spotlight on: Lucinda Loya
Q&A with Etoile Vierge Founder Kelli Bussan and Interior Designer Lucinda Loya
I have known Lucinda for over 20 years, she is like a sister to me. She and Javier introduced me to my amazing husband and I have watched her grow her business from the ground up!! I was her first client back in Houston over 15+ years ago and she has decorated every house I have lived in since. I have always supported her business endeavors and when I launched Etoile Vierge (EV) she has returned the favor…but it is easy to support a friend when she is amazing. Spanning design, career, family, and charity, Lucinda Loya’s passion is prevalent in all walks of life. She has built a name for herself as a premier interior decorator, making her Houston-based company, Lucinda Loya Interiors, a sought-after design firm catering to clients in Texas, New York, and beyond. 

LLI’s design trademark of eclectic, high-end style is exhibited in each of the firm’s projects from coast to coast.  Their couture designs specialize in delivering unique eclecticism based on lifestyle, with collections of art and antiques.  A playful sense of humor is often an important facet of their design process, adding character and personality to the composition, even in the smallest, unexpected places.

What are some of the top trends that you are most excited about for kitchen and bathroom design in 2020 and what is on the way out?
I'm excited about Pretty Pantries! Today’s kitchens and pantries are just as eye-catching as the kitchen design itself. We love the organization and thought behind each detail to create a one-of-a-kind pantry. When possible, we incorporate a counter top with electrical plugs because it allows clients to hide the (sometimes) unsightly appliances and bring them out for use only when needed.
Another trend we love in kitchens is back splash shelves. It's a trend we see popping up all over Pinterest and in design magazines.. The back splash will be about 10” high, with a shelf about 3 inches deep for a picture frame, small vase, or salt and pepper shakers. We love this idea - it allows for a personal touch in the typically utilitarian kitchen.  
How do you think new technology will have an effect on new designs in 2020?
Virtual reality is allowing for our clients to walk through complete homes before they even break ground to be able to make architecture and interior changes. We recently teamed up with an architecture team here in Texas, which provided this service and our clients loved the experience. It allowed us to discuss ceiling height and room relations early, instead of making changes during the building process.
 Lucinda Loya Interiors Living Room
What type of color palette do you see for the future?
We love all color palettes! I especially love using black and white as a neutral base to provide contrast – whether it be a small pillow trim or large-scale drapery fabric. The black and white combo can evolve with any desired palette, including color pops!
What are some of the unique design directions we will be seeing in your future 2020 projects as they are completed?
We LOVE details! In a home projected for an April move-in, we designed different cabinetry for each bathroom!  They are all complementary to the project as a whole, to keep cohesive design elements throughout the home, but create a unique space individually.
Which do you consider more important: functionality or aestheticism?
At LLI, we pride ourselves in creating designs to have both. We work with our vendors and custom workrooms to achieve functionality and maintain luxury aesthetics. 

Lucinda Loya Interiors 2
If a client is difficult to please and is constantly rejecting your ideas, how do you handle this situation?
There is a sense of trust when a client hires us and all projects continually evolve during the design process. We welcome as much input as the client is willing to give and we pride ourselves on bringing concepts and details in which the client would not think of themselves. We continue to collaborate together and often educate them around various design principles.
 Lucinda Loya 3
Where do you get ideas/inspiration for new designs?
Our clients! We love hearing about their desired aesthetic and lifestyle and taking ideas from collections or unique pieces they may already own. We also love gaining inspiration through traveling. We have keen eyes for unique patterned tile, architectural facades, and functional details that can be seen all over the world and bringing them into our clients homes.
What's next, any new and exciting news for LLI?
The photographer, Gianni Franchellucci, has been a fan of my work for a few years now.  He has photographed and assisted in getting our projects published in magazines worldwide, even landing several covers along the way.  He approached us wanting to include three of our projects in his new book. We are thrilled to be the only designer with multiple projects within it—as well as being featured on the back cover!
And finally, as one of our very first customers, tell us what you think of Etoile Vierge (EV)!
As an interior designer, fashion and design go hand-in-hand in my book!  What I love most about EV jackets are the statements they make—classic but original.  These pieces are edgy and stylish, which make for a fabulous first impression. To date, I own every shearling piece in the collection! These are words spoken from a customer for life!
For more on the fabulous Lucinda Loya and her interior decorating company please visit or contact
And be sure to purchase Gianni Franchellucci new book featuring Lucinda's work!
interiors: americas and europe by Roberto Begnini (Editor), Gianni Franchellucci (Photographer)

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