About Us

The Story of Étoile Vierge

Étoile Vierge was founded by Sara Pollan DiMedio and Kelli Busan out of a desire to create chic, interesting outwear that could be completely and uniquely ones own. In late 2016, Sara took a leather jacket from her closet along with a large bead-embroidered dragon patch and a few colorful eco-fur pelts to an atelier that she visited often through her work as a stylist. She asked that they add the patch to the back and create a removable fur collar out of a rich purple fur, and trims for the waist and cuffs out of a golden yellow. The end result was so striking, she couldn’t walk more than ten feet without a stranger asking her where they could get their hands on one. The wheels began turning, and she began researching. She knew with Kelli’s eye for style that she’d be the perfect partner. And so Étoile Vierge was born; a brand based on including the client in the creative process, with a goal of each piece being both as unique and useful as possible. As an outerwear brand, based in a city with serious weather variables (NYC!) the need for just the right jacket for each outfit/event/weather combination is real.

Kelli and Sara Founder photo COLOR